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Skills Clinics

MidShore Minis - Skills Clinic : $150

We are passionate about growing the love of volleyball on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. For our younger players interested we have skills clinics to prepare you for joining a travel or regional team. Our Clinic is held at the Denton Camp Location. 

Receive a 10% discount by signing up for both clinics at the same time. 

To Register click HERE.


  • January 19 -  February 25  :
    Wednesdays + Fridays 5:30-7PM 

  • March 9 - April 15  :
    Wednesdays + Fridays  5;30-7PM


How do MidShore Minis work? 

- Players are separated based on age + skill level amongst the other girls playing. Each group will have 7-10 members with one coach. 

-Wednesday evenings will be skill development ; Players will work on all volleyball skills including passing, serving, setting and attacking. 

-Friday evenings will be competition ; Players will compete against other groups to grow and learn by playing the game. 



  1. My daughter is 8, but turning 9 in 2022, can she join the Clinic this year?  YES! We are excited to allow younger players to join in this season. If your daughter will be turning 9 years old within the 2022 year, we would love to help her develop volleyball skills.
  2. My daughter is 13, but has never played before, can she join the Minis this year? Yes! We separate our players based on age AND skill. We will provide all players an area to advance their skills during the clinic.
  3. Will the Minis be held at another location?  Not currently. We only have space and staff in our Denton location for all of our clinics.
  4. What if I sign my daughter up, but she doesn't want to continue? We encourage our participants to finish the 6 week clinic. If, after finishing the first clinic, they don't want to return for the second clinic, and you're already signed up please email the Club Director at to discuss a refund. There will be no refunds for partial clinic participation. We encourage all participants to finish their session with their team. 
  5. Can I watch the Friday night games? YES! We encourage parents to attend and watch as your player develops through the program! 
  6. COVID-19 is real, what are you doing about it? We sanitize after each practice to help reduce the spread of all germs in the gym. Players will not be required to wear a mask under current guidelines. Players may wear a mask, if they are more comfortable doing so. 

Please email the Club Director, Amanda, at with any other questions. 

Individual Skills Clinics

Improve your skills with a small group or 1-1 skills session and a one-hour, individualized plan, with a coach of your choosing (Based on availability).  Wednesday + Friday evenings during the season.

  • Group of 1-2 Players :

$80 / hour  - Midshore Families

 $100 / hour - Non Midshore Families


  • Small Group of 3-4 Players : $25 / hour / player

Sign up online  HERE 


For Private Sessions after the season, please email the club director, Amanda at to discuss location and fees.