Our Coaching Staff 
is comprised of coaches with a range of experience. 

Amanda Vanskiver [ Club Director ]

Head Coach with over 10 years coaching experience. Amanda is the head coach for North Caroline High School Varsity Volleyball. She has coached at every level at MidShore, but works with each age group as the club director. She focuses on enhancing skill levels and playing as a team. Amanda has experience playing Middle, Outside and Right side attacker. She focuses on working with defense on reading and anticipating. Getting teams OOS is her favorite topic.

Dan Edris

Assistant Coach with over 15 years coaching experience. Dan has been a JV coach and Varsity assistant for North Caroline High School and has coached the 15s and 16s teams at MidShore. Dan focuses on developing players passing and serving game for our club. He is is brilliant when working with players to break down each skill. Dan is really great with younger players, with specific skills sessions and any athlete who is eager to learn. He teaches strategy to any player interested in stepping up their game. 

Buddy Vanskiver

Head Coach with 6 years coaching experience. Buddy was the head JV coach for North Caroline High School. He coaches the 16s  or 17s team at MidShore Volleyball. Buddy is a great motivator for all ages, but loves working with the older, more experienced players. He is great at advancing the skills they've already acquired and works to make them reach their potential. The players love Bud because he is the most relaxed coach on our staff, and they are willing to work hard for him. Bud has a great focus on attacking and setting. He works well with each group on specifics and tweaking what they can already do to make them consistently better. 

Megan Carmean

Head Coach with 5 years coaching experience. Megan has been the assistant for both JV and Varsity at North Caroline High School. With a background in teaching and playing Middle, Megan brings so much knowledge to our club. She works with the girls on being great teammates, working hard and has a special knack for blocking. Megan coaches the 15s at MidShore and loves when the girls start believing in themselves. She is one of our more quiet coaches, but when she speaks everyone listens.

Jenn Rhodes

Head Coach with 1 year coaching experience. This is Jenn's second year coaching with our club. Jenn is excited about working with players to enhance their skill; she has experience playing Setter and Right Side, has an awesome float serve. We are excited about how Jenn will help our players reach their potential. 

Molly Rusch

Head Coach with over 4 years of coaching experience. In the past Molly was a coach with BAVA  before moving to the shore and starting a family. More recently she has coached with the Rec league in QAC.  She works with the girls on being great teammates, working hard and increasing their individual skills set. Molly coaches the 13s at MidShore.  She is one of our quiet coaches, but when she speaks everyone listens. Molly is already adding so much value to our club experience.

Nick Arbutina

Assistant Coach with minimal coaching experience, but tons of playing experience. This is Nick's first year coaching with our club. He is excited about working with players to enhance their skill; He has experience playing beach volleyball and has a vast range of knowledge to share. We are excited about how Nick will help our players reach their potential. He will make a great asset to our team. 

Rachel Eigenbrode

Assistant Coach with minimal coaching experience, but a huge love for the game and kids. This is Rachel's first year coaching with our club. She is excited about working with players to enhance their skill and to be great teammates. Rachel is has a background in elementary education and brings her teaching background to her coaching. We are excited to have Rachel join our club this season and are looking forward to watching her grow her love for coaching the game. 

We are continually looking to add to our coaching staff. If you are interested in joining our team, please reach out to Amanda! MidShoreVB@gmail.com